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We are often asked if we can make memorials if there is no cremation ash avilable.

Unfortunately the temperatures which are involved in melting glass are so high that many materials would be destroyed in the process of making a glass memorial. In order to preserve items like flowers, or fabrics it is necessary to capture them within a cold cure liquid like resin. Evermoreglass does not offer this service at this time.

We can however, take some hair or fur from your Loved One and combine it within the glass. The hair/fur fibre is destroyed in this process but as it is heated the fibre is turned into a small amount of ash which is captured inside the glass. There is also a lot of gas (carbon dioxide mainly), which is given off by the fibre. The gas bubbles are also trapped within the glass. They are  very small and produce a beautiful effect in the glass. You can almost imagine this as the "essence" of your Loved One, and so it is possible to make a meaningful memorial even if there are no ashes available. This process works best in the charms and jewellery and it is possibe to choose colours and designs as for the "normal" jewellery. It is not really possible to make complicated shapes and designs however, as the gas bubbles are harder to control the more the glass is worked.


Prices for the Hair memorials are the same as for our other glass memorials.

The gallery opposite shows a selection of the items we have made using hair instead of ashes. For further information please contact us to discuss.

To order our hair memorials just pick your design and colour. Then please request an order pack from here. There is a wide range of colours available but some of the more popular colours can be seen in the image below (please click to enlarge).

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