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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

Please request a free Order Pack by clicking here. Once we have safe receipt of your completed pack (including your loved one's ashes) Sally will be in touch with you to confirm your order and let you know the ashes have arrived. Sally will then commence your order and let you know as soon as it is ready.

When will my order arrive?

We can generally return a completed order to you within three weeks of receipt of the ashes though if you have a special anniversary or date when you want your order please let us know and we will do our best to get the order done in time. Christmas is a very busy time for us so please try to order in plenty of time of at all possible.

How do I pay for my order?

We don't require payment until the order is ready whereupon we will contact you with a photo of the finished piece(s). When you are happy with your order we will be pleased to take payment in full. We can take payment via Bank Transfer, Paypal, or you can pay with a debit/credit card over the phone.

The Post Office say I cannot send my Loved Ones' Ashes - why is this?

The sending of cremated remains (ashes) was a "prohibited item" on the Post Office list until recently. They do now allow a small amount of ashes (50 grammes), though they will not insure for loss in the post. Therefore please keep a small amount of ashes in reserve just in case there is a problem in the post. Ashes being lost in the post is an extremely rare occurance but unfortunately Evermore Glass cannot be liable for any loss of this nature. We recommend that ashes are sent using our own packaging and via First Class post but you are welcome to send the ashes via a tracked service if you prefer.

How much Ash should I send?

We do not need a lot of ashes to make a memorial. An average size order  of several items will need about 2-3 teaspoons of ashes although there will probably be a little leftover which will be returned with the finished order. Please ask if if unsure and we will be pleased to help.

What will the Ashes look like in the Glass?

Inside the glass the ash will appear as swirly white particles surrounded by tiny little bubbles. Even if the ash starts off grey (and most cremation ash is), the optical effect under the glass makes the ashes appear lighter in colour. The little bubbles are trapped carbon dioxide which is given off by the ashes when they are heated in the glass. We will filter out the larger partiles of ash to give a more aesthetically pleasing effect but please let us know if you want the ashes to appear in a specific manner,

Will the Ashes fall out of my memorial?

No! The ashes are combined within the molten glass at a temperature of around 1200°C and are fused forever into the glass. They won't "fall out" and cannot be lost. It is not possible however to "remelt" the memorial into something else, add further ashes or even change the memorial once it has been made.

Can I put more than one set of Ashes in one memorial?

Yes you can. Just send the separate sets of ashes in the bags provided and Sally will mix them for you, or you can send premixed ashes.

Can I order a memorial for my pet?

Yes you can. The process for pet cremation ashes is exactly the same as for humans and Sally has had a lot of experience using both types of ashes.

How do I know you are using my own Loved One's Ashes and not something/someone elses?
We are a very small company and therefore provide a very personal service. Sally makes sure that all ashes are clearly identified and are kept in separate order bags. Equipment is always cleaned between orders. We never make orders together which have similar items/colours so there is no possibility of confusion. Ashes are quite "dynamic" - they bubble and behave in a particular manner within the glass so you will always see tiny little bubbles around the ashes.
Can I visit?

You are welcome to visit though you must have an appointment as Sally has two studios in different locations (St Ives and Penzance, Cornwall).

Are you the same company as St Ives Glass Studio?

Yes we are! We started out selling non memorial glass items in St Ives, Cornwall and still do! Our "other" website is Come and visit us in St Ives if you are in Cornwall on holiday!

I've changed my mind about the colour!

Please be sure about your desired design and colour before Sally makes the memorial as it really is not possible to change a memorial once it has been made! In the instance of an error in the order we will always make another item at no extra cost and send you the item that was erroneously made free of charge. We never keep memorials.

Can you engrave my memorial?

Unfortunately we cannot offer engraving at this time.

Why don't you make rings?

At this point we cannot offer rings as we cannot source a ring blank that is a good enough quality that we'd like to use. We are more glassmakers than jewellers so do not make our own ring blanks.

I can't wear silver - can you offer gold?

Our jewellery is handmade by Sally using high quality sterling silver but we can sometimes offer 9kt gold findings in the case of pendants. There is an additional charge for this.

Can I put real flowers/fur/fabric/breast milk etc into the glass?

Unfortunately we only include the ashes into our glass though we can sometimes incorporate hair or fur if you don't have any ashes (please follow this link). Other "organic" items - like flowers or fabric will not survive the heating process. We recommend a "cold cast" process (where the items are set into a clear resin). Unfortunately we cannot offer this service.

I still have questions!
No problem - just send Sally an email or call us and we'll be happy to help.
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