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The Process

Sally will request a small amount of the cremated ashes of your loved one from you in order to make the memorial.  We will require about a teaspoon of ashes per memorial though we can work with a little less if necessary. Any unused ashes are always returned with the finished memorial.

Ashes are combined  inside the glass and are covered with a clear encasing of glass. The glass and the ashes are heated to around 1200°c and are skilfully hand crafted to shape. Sally uses Italian glass from Murano to make the memorials using a bench mounted burner to manipulate the glass.


Coloured glass can be used to offset the ashes which always appear white in colour. During the heating process the ashes will emit small bubbles of gas which are also trapped inside the glass and give a pleasing look. There are some further design elements which may be used - such as the addition of small cubic zirconia, gold and silver leaf and simple glass designs like flowers and pawprints may be included. It is not however, possible to include real flowers, or fabrics as these are destroyed during the heating process.

When the memorial has been made it is slowly cooled in a special digitally controlled kiln to strengthen the glass. For jewellery Sally then uses high quality sterling silver to finish the piece,

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