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Our sterling silver and handmade glass memorial earrings are a lovely way to forever keep your Loved One close to you.

​Like our pendants we are able to make earrings in a large variety of shapes and designs. Teardrops are particularly popular.

The ashes combined into a matching pair of handmade glass beads by Sally and are then made into a pair of earrings using high quality sterling silver findings. At this time we are unfortunately only able to offer drop earrings for pierced ears and cannot offer studs or clips.


For further information please contact us to discuss.

We charge £78.00 for a pair of sterling silver memorial earrings.

To order our earrings just pick your design and colour. Then please request an order pack from here. There is a wide range of colours available but some of the more popular colours can be seen in the image below (please click to enlarge).

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