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Evermore Glass Paperweights are not the standard generic Memorial Paperweight. For a start Sally does not use standard Glass Blowing techniques but uses the ancient technique of Lampworking. By working the glass with a blowtorch we are able to add lots of intricate detail, but we are limited in how big we can make the paperweights. Typically - a round paperweight will measure a maximum of 4cm, but will have a lot of detail.

Shapewise - you can chose between round, conical, large pebble and heart. The hearts can be made as a paperweight or we can add a loop and they can then be hung up as suncatchers.

All paperweights can be plainly coloured, mixed colours and we can even include glass florals.

The gallery opposite shows some of the huge range of colours, shapes and designs Sally can make. As unique and special as the person or pet you are commemorating.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any more information.

Paperweight prices are as follows:

Round, Conical and Pebble shape: £90.00

Heart (with or without loop): £100.00

To order a paperweight first decide on the type of design you'd like and then the colour (or colours) you'd like. Then please request an order pack from here. There is a wide range of colours available but some of the more popular colours can be seen in the image below (please click to enlarge).

Round Paperweights
Conical Paperweights
Large Pebble Paperweights
Heart Paperweights
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