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Sally created the idea of pebbles for those who don't want a formal paperweight or a piece of jewellery but do want a memorial to keep close. These are particularly popular with younger adults and teenagers. The ashes are made into a little glass pebble, usually around 3-4cm in length. Pebbles are comforting to keep in a pocket, or a handbag and you can just carry them around wherever you go so you can keep your Loved One comfortingly close always,

Pebbles can be single colour, or a mixture of colours. Can have gold and silver leaf inside or even floral designs. Sally also makes a range of "organic" or quite natural looking pebbles - which really do look a little like you may have found them on a beach.

The gallery opposite shows some of the huge range of colours Sally can make. We hope they will inspire you to order your own unique colour,

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any more information.

We charge the same amount - £50.00 - for any design or colour of pebble but have a special offer of three pebbles for £130.00.

To order a pebble first decide on the type of design you'd like and then the colour (or colours) you'd like. Then please request an order pack from here. There is a wide range of colours available but some of the more popular colours can be seen in the image below (please click to enlarge).

Bright Coloured Pebbles
Floral Pebbles
Custom Colour Pebbles
Organic Pebbles
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