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Charm Beads are a wonderful way to commemorate your special person or pet. Evermore Glass charm beads are handcrafted by Sally Carver and are approximately 15mm in diameter and have a bead hole of 5mm. The hole is lined with sterling silver and will fit a standard "European Charm" bracelet system, such as Pandora, Troll and Chamilia. This bead may not fit some systems which only allow their own branded beads (like LoveLinks). If in doubt please contact us to discuss.

We charge the same amount - £50.00 - for any design or colour of our charm beads.

Designs can be very simple and elegant with the ashes showcased on a single colour of glass, or the charm can be embellished with gold or silver leaf, or even cubic zirconia. We can also add simple designs like glass "florals" and even a pawprint to commemorate a furry friend. Please don't hesitate to discuss your requirement with us and if we can make it we will.

To order a charm first decide on the type of design you'd like and then the colour (or colours) you'd like. Then please request an order pack from here. There is a wide range of colours available but some of the more popular colours can be seen in the image below (please click to enlarge).

Simple Colour
Gold/Silver Leaf
Cubic Zirconia
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